Thursday, January 31, 2008

No news...

I know this blog has been pretty quiet for a while now, but there really has been nothing to report for a while now. After this cycle we will go back in for a lining check, so it will be good to see how things are going. Other than that, we are just hanging out waiting some more.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Given the green light!

I couldn't ask for a better report than we got at the doctor today. We are *thrilled* to say the least.

I had forgotten to take Advil before going in this time. I didn't think it would really matter, since last time I could barely feel anything. It was considerably more uncomfortable this time. The doctor was having a little bit of difficulty inserting the catheter in a way that sealed the opening to the cervix, so on his first try, the water was leaking out. The second time was a charm luckily! It wasn't too terrible, but I definitely wished I had remembered my Advil.

It was completely worth a bit of discomfort to get such an excellent report. He was able to get the catheter all the way up into the uterine cavity this time. I could see a huge difference looking at the ultrasound screen (and I am obviously just a lay person). The entire cavity filled with water this time! He noted absolutely NO obstructions whatsoever. The path was completely clear to both tubes. Obviously we don't know if the left tube is open or not, since the only way to see that would be through another laparoscopy. But given how great the cavity was looking on the ultrasound, the odds are pretty good that it's open. Even if it isn't, we could still conceive via the right tube.

Dr. Dunn said that as far as he is concerned, we can begin trying to conceive again! He say it may take some time for my lining to completely recover (so I am not expecting to get pregnant immediately, although anything is possible). It is a good sign that my cycle was heavier this last time, but he cautioned me that part of that was due to the Premarin. He said not to be too surprised if my next period is a bit lighter. He wants to see me back in 2 cycles to do a check of my lining on CD12 (right before ovulation). This will let him know how it is doing, and hopefully we will see that it is regenerating and thickening. In the meantime, we can give it our best shot and see what happens.

This is such a huge relief and a big weight off our shoulders. We were both really worried that another surgery would be necessary. It's looking right now as though that is not going to happen. I'm not 100% in the clear until we see a thick lining, but for this stage in the game, this is the best news we could have gotten.