Sunday, November 23, 2008

The trigger shot

I got really confused about whether or not to give myself the shot, because I was getting positive OPKs yesterday. I know it's possible to get a positive and still not ovulate. I debated back and forth whether I should do the shot anyway, just for extra insurance that I'd ovulate, or if it would actually hurt something if I already was ovulating and then took the shot after the fact.

I posted the question in the Infertility forum on Mommy's Online and got some great, quick advice from other ladies. So, the verdict was that I would go ahead and take the trigger shot today.

That was an interesting experience!

I locked myself in the bathroom to keep Elise from walking in and getting freaked out. I thought if she saw me stabbing myself in the stomach with a needle it might upset her. LOL Of course she was standing outside the door yelling, "Mommy! Mommy! The door is locked!" the entire time.

I read the instructions like 10 times before I made my first attempt. I don't mind needles at all and I'm not afraid of shots in the least. However, it is a bit unnerving to have to administer your own shot. The first time I tried, I guess I didn't push hard enough, because the needle didn't penetrate my skin. So, on the second attempt, I had to apply a bit more pressure. It really wasn't painful - the needle is really small. It just stung a little bit. It is sore now at the injection site, but all in all, I think it went pretty well.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Medicated Cycle #3 Update

Jamie and I went to the doctor this morning for our mid-cycle scan. My lining is back down to 5mm (this seems to be a recurring theme), but I did at least have 2 mature follicles. We saw a different RE today, since Dr. Dunn does not come to the Clear Lake office.

We were told that I need to take the trigger shot on Sunday night, which the doctor thinks will cause me to ovulate sometime around Tuesday morning. She wanted us to be using the OPKs, because she thought I may end up ovulating on my own. Not sure what to make of that, since Dr. Dunn said not to bother because the estrogen would confuse my system and I would need the shot to ovulate.

We will follow up with Dr. Dunn again at the end of the cycle.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Medicated Cycle #3

Unrealted to this post, but just as a side note, November 8th was the one year anniversary of my surgery.


Jamie and I met (again) with Dr. Dunn last Friday. He went ahead and ordered a scan, just to see if he could tell if I ever did ovulate in spite of my medication mishap. They couldn't tell on the scan, so he ordered bloodwork to check my progesterone level (this would tell him definitively if I ovulated or not). I am not sure what to make of this, but my lining was 11mm during the scan. We left his office with a plan in place.

If I had ovulated, I was to wait for my next cycle to begin.
If I had not ovulated, I was to begin taking Femara again immediately.

As it turned out, I had ovulated. So, I waited. I didn't have to wait long, because a new cycle arrived on Tuesday.

So, here is the protocol:
  • 5mg Femara (TWO pills a day - important distinction!) from CD 3-7
  • 2.5mg Estradiol from CD 10-12
  • Scan on CD 11 (day 13 would have been better, but it falls on a weekend) - at the scan they can see how things are progressing and adjust the Estradiol if necessary. I am guessing the scan will also determine when I will administer the trigger shot to induce ovulation as well.

I don't feel pessimistic about this, but I don't feel particularly optimistic either. I'm just kind of going along. I guess Dr. Dunn still thinks we are on the right track since he hasn't suggested any more potent drugs yet. So, at this point, I am still a willing participant.

As everyone knows by now, I am completely enthralled with the Twilight saga at the moment. It's been a VERY welcome distraction from reality. As strange (or pathetic?) as it is, it's actually made me feel happy. I am starting the fourth (and last) book today. I think I may be onto something. I normally don't make a lot of time for reading, but I think even after I finish this series, I might start doing more reading. It's been strangely therapeutic for me.