Friday, November 14, 2008

Medicated Cycle #3

Unrealted to this post, but just as a side note, November 8th was the one year anniversary of my surgery.


Jamie and I met (again) with Dr. Dunn last Friday. He went ahead and ordered a scan, just to see if he could tell if I ever did ovulate in spite of my medication mishap. They couldn't tell on the scan, so he ordered bloodwork to check my progesterone level (this would tell him definitively if I ovulated or not). I am not sure what to make of this, but my lining was 11mm during the scan. We left his office with a plan in place.

If I had ovulated, I was to wait for my next cycle to begin.
If I had not ovulated, I was to begin taking Femara again immediately.

As it turned out, I had ovulated. So, I waited. I didn't have to wait long, because a new cycle arrived on Tuesday.

So, here is the protocol:
  • 5mg Femara (TWO pills a day - important distinction!) from CD 3-7
  • 2.5mg Estradiol from CD 10-12
  • Scan on CD 11 (day 13 would have been better, but it falls on a weekend) - at the scan they can see how things are progressing and adjust the Estradiol if necessary. I am guessing the scan will also determine when I will administer the trigger shot to induce ovulation as well.

I don't feel pessimistic about this, but I don't feel particularly optimistic either. I'm just kind of going along. I guess Dr. Dunn still thinks we are on the right track since he hasn't suggested any more potent drugs yet. So, at this point, I am still a willing participant.

As everyone knows by now, I am completely enthralled with the Twilight saga at the moment. It's been a VERY welcome distraction from reality. As strange (or pathetic?) as it is, it's actually made me feel happy. I am starting the fourth (and last) book today. I think I may be onto something. I normally don't make a lot of time for reading, but I think even after I finish this series, I might start doing more reading. It's been strangely therapeutic for me.

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