Friday, February 29, 2008

Update: Today's RE Appointment

I seem to be getting a lot of good news from Dr. Dunn lately!

Much to my surprise, my lining measures 7mm. That is quite an increase from the 3mm that it was measuring only 4 months ago pre-surgery. Dr. Dunn told me that if we were in the middle of an IVF cycle, this would be sufficient and he would not cancel the cycle. He said something about being able to see 3 layers (which is good). I didn't catch all of that, but it is a good thing!

I also have one mature follicle on the right side, which is great since that is the best tube. It was measuring 19. We were instructed to continue using the ovulation predictor kit (OPK) and have intercourse on the day of my LH surge and the day after. My test yesterday was negative, but today's is coming up positive, so we have to get down to business! I can't believe my mom is going to read this...sorry mom!

Dr. Dunn wants us to continue to try on our own with the OPKs and charting for 3 cycles. At that point, if we are not pregnant yet he wants Jamie to do a semen analysis. He sent us home with the "kit" and instructions just in case. I think Jamie is really hoping it does not come down to that! So am I.

Monday, February 25, 2008

I just need to stop.

I've already given myself a doom and gloom report from the doctor, and my appointment isn't until Friday. Why does my glass always end up being half empty when it comes to this?

I noticed today when I was surfing Mommy Zone that some of the women who started TTC with me are now about to have their babies. One in particular is almost 36 weeks along now. So, it will only be a few more weeks, and women who began the whole TTC journey at the same time as me will be having babies. And I'm still here.

Some days I get so tired of thinking about it that I really just want to give up on the whole idea. We have a great life, and I have a wonderful daughter. Why put myself through all of this? But I just can't accept things as they are yet.

I feel stupid being so melodramatic.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lining Check

I have an appointment scheduled for next Friday (Feb. 29) to have my lining measured. Dr. Dunn wanted to do it on CD 12 or 13, but as my luck would have it, those days fall on Saturday & we are settling for CD 11. I am not expecting a good measurement based on what I've seen the last 2 cycles (a lessening of bleeding and shortening of my periods).

So, my main question is, "Now what?" A bit of hopelessness is beginning to set in. I posted my question on an infertility board where doctors respond directly to all posts. This was part of the response I got when asking how I might respond to a newer treatment that has been shown to help with lining issues (Viagra suppositories):

Unfortunately, With Asherman’s syndrome, There is such widespread destruction of the basal endometrium (from which fresh endometrial cells must be generated), that improving blood flow with Viagra is often unsuccessful in improving estrogen-mediated endometrial development sufficient to achieve “adequate” improvement in endometrial growth. In such cases the women should consider stopping all treatment, adoption or resort to Gestational Surrogacy.


It is important to recognize that Vaginal Viagra does NOT work in all cases. In fact about 1/3 of women so treated will fail to show any improvement. This is because with certain causes of a “poor endometrium”, the basal endometrium has been permanently damaged and left unresponsive to estrogen (e.g. severe endometrial scarring due to inflammation, trauma or surgery).

I posted a follow-up question, but have not heard back yet. I'm just feeling confused, because Dr. Dunn seemed so optimistic. Surely there has to be SOMETHING they can do. But I have no idea what it would be. Another surgery? I guess I will get some better answers next week.