Sunday, November 23, 2008

The trigger shot

I got really confused about whether or not to give myself the shot, because I was getting positive OPKs yesterday. I know it's possible to get a positive and still not ovulate. I debated back and forth whether I should do the shot anyway, just for extra insurance that I'd ovulate, or if it would actually hurt something if I already was ovulating and then took the shot after the fact.

I posted the question in the Infertility forum on Mommy's Online and got some great, quick advice from other ladies. So, the verdict was that I would go ahead and take the trigger shot today.

That was an interesting experience!

I locked myself in the bathroom to keep Elise from walking in and getting freaked out. I thought if she saw me stabbing myself in the stomach with a needle it might upset her. LOL Of course she was standing outside the door yelling, "Mommy! Mommy! The door is locked!" the entire time.

I read the instructions like 10 times before I made my first attempt. I don't mind needles at all and I'm not afraid of shots in the least. However, it is a bit unnerving to have to administer your own shot. The first time I tried, I guess I didn't push hard enough, because the needle didn't penetrate my skin. So, on the second attempt, I had to apply a bit more pressure. It really wasn't painful - the needle is really small. It just stung a little bit. It is sore now at the injection site, but all in all, I think it went pretty well.

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Angie said...

*hugs* sounds like you did a good job! When I was doing the ivf, giving myself the shots was probably the hardest thing about it. And I bruised myself a lot cause I'd go in too quick and hard. ouch!