Friday, November 21, 2008

Medicated Cycle #3 Update

Jamie and I went to the doctor this morning for our mid-cycle scan. My lining is back down to 5mm (this seems to be a recurring theme), but I did at least have 2 mature follicles. We saw a different RE today, since Dr. Dunn does not come to the Clear Lake office.

We were told that I need to take the trigger shot on Sunday night, which the doctor thinks will cause me to ovulate sometime around Tuesday morning. She wanted us to be using the OPKs, because she thought I may end up ovulating on my own. Not sure what to make of that, since Dr. Dunn said not to bother because the estrogen would confuse my system and I would need the shot to ovulate.

We will follow up with Dr. Dunn again at the end of the cycle.

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Angie said...

Ya know, that's really aggravating to be told 2 different things when these cycles are costing you $$! You'd think they could get their $hit together...