Monday, May 5, 2008

Digital Pregnancy Tests

These things are pretty cool. I don't think they were around when I was pregnant with Elise (or if they were, they weren't very popular and I didn't know about them at the time). The only problem with them is that they are brutally honest and leave no room for interpretation. All you get is a big fat

Not Pregnant

Well, shit. Thanks a lot.

So now the ball is in Jamie's court. I've been poked, cut into, prodded, and violated. It's his turn, and at the moment he has a lot of excuses as to why he should wait. The current excuse is that he needs to wait until baseball playoffs and school are over.


Angie said...

Poor Jamie! The spotlight has suddenly been turned on him, and it's a harsh light to be in, isn't it? I hope he changes his mind about putting it off so you can quickly move to the next phase.
As you mentioned in the previous post about turning 30, time is really not on your side here.... not for much longer. Waiting to do the testing serves no positive purpose.
It's time to take one for the team!!

Amanda said...

I agree with Angie. It sucks to be told that something is wrong with you... and I know that most men really avoid the SA because there is such a stigma around it. But honestly, most women have no sympathy for that- we have to deal with all the hard shit and what do they do? Jerk off in a cup. I cannot imagine what we would do if our fertility relied on men having these invasive surgeries and procedures... none of us would ever be pregnant.

Jamie is a great guy and I know he will come around and do this quickly... at least he better. ;-)

Maggie said...

Ryan was less than thrilled when it was his turn but after I nagged, and yelled and whined, and complained and all that he finally left me a lovely speicimen to take to the Dr for him :) Come on Jamie You can do it man.. you know we are going to haunt you till you do, and even if Melanie is patient, we may not be ;)

jcsalana said...

I am hoping to get more updates from you. Just know that I am praying for you and am hoping only the best soon for you.
Chris (MZ/Nut)