Thursday, February 12, 2009

I am allergic to adhesive.

I already knew this, but I was hoping the patches wouldn't irritate me the same way tape does. When I had to wear the holter monitor for the cardiologist back in October (whole different story), I had huge, red welts everywhere they applied the tape. And that was only for 24 hours. So, imagine how my stomach is going to look after 4 solid weeks on these things.

I change the patches once a week, so after nearly dying for the whole week last week, I moved them onto my hips this week. It's going much better, thankfully. I'm starting to look back on all the things I've done in the attempt to get pregnant - I've been through surgery, countless pills/hormones, shots, more ultrasounds than I can count, numerous blood draws, and now these patches. The patches are freaking me out a bit, because they are linked to cancer. Granted, that occurs with long-term use and should not be an issue with just 4-6 weeks of use - but STILL. It really bothers me.

Angie, thank you so much for the email. You lifted my spirits more than you could know!


Angie said...

Love ya, girl!

So sorry you are dealing w/ allergic reactions to the adhesive. Is it itchy? I can't STAND having an itch that I am unable to scratch!!

Melanie said...

Yes, it itches REALLY badly, and it's leaving these red welts behind that itch, but hurt at the same time. Every week I am trying to move the patches to a new location to avoid too much irritation. Just 2 weeks left until they check the progress, so hopefully it will have done its job by then.

Angie said...

Yes, I will think positive thoughts that A) they worked and B) you won't have to do this again!

Maggie said...

<3 you...... more than you probably know. :)