Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Because I am a dingbat

My whole schedule is thrown off by a day. I spaced out on Monday (which seems pretty much the norm for me these days) and forgot to show up for my scan and blood work at 11:00. I got a call around 12:30 asking why I didn't come in. I really didn't have a good answer for that! I just FORGOT. Pitiful. You would think this would be a big enough priority for me that I would remember to keep my appointments...and it IS, but I just don't know what happened. So anyway, they told me not to worry (yeah, right) and just to continue the same dose of Gonal F one more night and come in the following morning. So, I went in today thinking I might have messed things up if my meds needed adjusting.

God is looking out for us at all times, and things went just fine in spite of the fact that I become more flighty with every passing day. I've got a much more reasonable response on the lower dose - 2 follicles (14 & 11) on the right as well as 4 smaller ones. 7 small ones on the left. My E2 number is 498, which is just about textbook. At this point last time it was already well over 1,000 and way too high. So, it appears from today's appointment that we will not be canceling this time! Hooray!

Of course, there's always a slight bump in the road to accompany good news. My lining is only measuring 5mm. Apparently with lower estrogen numbers comes a thinner lining, which I suspected. But I'm learning that this is my body now, and it's probably not going to change. So, what we need is for God to orchestrate this whole process on our behalf and get the eggs fertilized and guided towards a friendly place to hang out for about 9 months...there has got to be at least ONE spot where an embryo could implant SOMEWHERE in there. So, we're praying it will be God's will for the embryo to find that little spot. The good thing is that my right side is better than my left, and I seem to always produce eggs on that side. So, things are working in our favor in that respect.

Dear Lord, please just do the rest for us!!

I go back on Thursday morning for another scan and more blood work. I'm thinking I may trigger ovulation on Thursday or Friday if things are still progressing nicely at that time.

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Jackie said...

GO GOD GO!!!! I am hopeing a praying with you!!!