Sunday, June 7, 2009

The True Blood TTC Plan

Anyone that has struggled with infertility will be able to appreciate the sentiment of this post. Those who haven't will probably just think we're weird. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine, and Jamie and I have developed a somewhat sick sense of humor lately when it comes to our situation.

We've been watching Season 1 of True Blood in the evenings after Elise goes to bed for about a week now. We're trying to get totally caught up for next Sunday, when new episodes begin on HBO. After all, let's face it - summer TV is scarce at best, so we are kind of getting into this series to have something to watch. It's pretty entertaining.

So, Jamie tells me today that he's got a new TTC plan for us. We call it the Jason Stackhouse TTC Plan. Jamie said we need to watch True Blood every day, and every time Jason has sex with someone, we should have sex! We'll be pregnant in NO time! LOL

Gotta love it.


Heidi said...

haha - that's great! Try it out. If it works for you we'll try it, too!

Lisa said...

Funny! You have to laugh you know?

Jackie said...

You go Girl!!!!

Heather said...

yayyyyyy for sex lol! That's cute!