Saturday, June 27, 2009

Injectables - Take Two

We started a new injectable cycle on Tuesday. I took my first injection on Thursday, and will be scanned and have bloodwork on Monday. We're on 50 iui instead of 125 iui this time. We will see how it's looking on Monday, and the doctor may or may not adjust the dose.

I have a friend who also uses Dr. Dunn who just recently got pregnant on her 3rd injectable cycle. It's really given me hope - her first 2 cycles were canceled, and the doctor told her there was probably nothing more he could do. She asked to try just one more time, and on the third try her body responded totally differently and she got pregnant! She has been trying longer than me, and I'm just thrilled for her. She's also given me some hope that we still have a chance too.

Jamie said he thinks we should start praying together at night. I love that idea, and I think we will do it.

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