Friday, November 9, 2007

Feeling sore

I am so sore today. I expected today to be the roughest day. I've been trying to limit my activity, but I really needed to get up a little bit today. I need to work this gas out of my system. They inflate your insides with gas during surgery so they can work better, and all of that has to come out. I wanted to encourage that process along, because this bloated feeling is quite uncomfortable.

I think I might have overdone things a bit. My bleeding has gotten a bit heavier, and after going through a massive hemorrhage once before, this is NOT something that I like to see. I'm sure it's not an alarming amount of blood, but ANY increase to me is scary. So, I am back in bed again typing this as I lay almost completely flat on my back. Ugh.

My parents are both here helping with Elise. I'm so thankful to have them, because I really wanted Jamie to go to the football game tonight. It is the last game of the season, and I know he wouldn't have gone if I were going to be here alone. I caught the halftime score on the radio and the game was tied at 14. I'm just trying to take my mind off of things. I'm watching a rerun of Friends, and that is helping. The only problem is that it's making me laugh, which really hurts!

I'm just anxious to be healed and on my feet again. But I know this is all for such a worthy cause, so I am keeping that in mind and counting my blessings.


coach said...

The bleeding is to be expected according to Dr.Dunn. However, we do need to monitor it a bit judging from your history. We are on the path and i am excited!

NesrstaFamily said...

Hope you feel better soon...