Thursday, November 1, 2007

Tomorrow is the day!

I've been waiting for months (literally) to find out what is going on and get an official diagnosis. I'm anxious, excited, and nervous...all rolled into one! I had to take an antibiotic tonight to prevent infection. Elise and I just ate and I took my pills. Jamie is coaching a JV football game tonight, but he took the day off tomorrow to go along with me to the test. The doctor will sit down with us afterwards and go over everything. I feel like I should prepare some questions again, because if I get surprised by the diagnosis I might freeze up and forget what I want to ask. I have been successful in putting this out of my mind for the last week, so I haven't thought about what I want to ask at all.

If he tells me that he doesn't see any scar tissue at all, then I am going to want an explanation for my symptoms.

If it's worse than I'm anticipating (severe scarring), then I am going to want some specifics on where the scarring is located and what the plan will be during surgery to remove it.

What I am expecting is for him to tell me that he sees some mild/moderate scarring. I'm very interested to hear where it's located. And of course I want to know a prognosis for treatment success.

But I feel like I'm missing something. I need to go do some checking around for additional questions to ask. I will do that once I have Elise tucked in for the night.

I'm getting up at the crack of dawn tomorrow (we are talking 5am) so I can work at my office for a few hours before having to leave for the day. This comes at a somewhat inopportune time for me as far as my work schedule goes. I'm going to juggle things and find a way to make it work, though.

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