Thursday, November 8, 2007

Finally some wonderful news!

I am still having a lot of soreness/faint feelings, but I am finally able to sit up in bed and give an update (thank goodness for wireless internet connections).

I am just *thrilled* to say that the doctor had a great report for us after taking a look inside. He was able to see the right side of my uterus pretty well and confirm that my right tube is completely open to the cavity. There was 70-75% scarring, mostly on the left side and towards the entrance to the uteran cavity. He was able to remove ALL of it today. Once he cleared my left side, he could see that the tube was open (it had just been blocked by the scar tissue previously). So, at this moment, I have a reconstructed cavity and 2 open tubes!!!!!!! I feel like this is a miracle. Dr. Dunn told my mom and Jamie that I was very lucky.

I will start estrogen supplementation tomorrow and will stay on that for 4 weeks. Our prayers will continue that my lining is able to rebuild (especially on the left side). We are in a waiting pattern now...some reoccurance of scarring is possible, but I am not going to even let that enter my mind. I feel like I need to stay 100% positive at this point, because I truly believe that the mind-body connection can be a powerful thing.

I will follow up with Dr. Dunn in 2 weeks. Once the estrogen supplementation ends in 4 weeks we will repeat the SHG and hopefully see that everything is still open. If this is a success, we could be on our road to trying to conceive around January or February.

I'm very, very sore today, but with such great news I cannot complain one single bit. I feel so incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful physician, husband, family, and friends. I truly believe that all the prayers have made a difference and I cannot thank everyone enough. Please keep them coming for the next 4 weeks.


dkscott2002 said...

That is wonderful news! 2008 is going to be your year. Hopefully sooner than later!


Angie said...

I am so relieved and thrilled for you, I can't even begin to tell you!! Lots of positive thoughts will be coming your way over the next few weeks. *Hugs*

Rachel(mz) said...

Oh Melanie that is fantastic news!!! I will continue to keep you in prayer.((hugs))

KLS said...

Fabulous news!

NesrstaFamily said...

I just knew it! I don't know how, but I knew things would work out. I kept praying and I had a good feeling about it. Thank God...I cannot wait to hear all the good news to come. Way to be strong Mel!