Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I'm starving!!!

I'm on a liquid only diet today since surgery is tomorrow. I am sooo hungry. I am allowed to have jello, so that was my dinner tonight along with some broth. Lovely combination, isn't it?

We took Elise to spend the night at my parents' house tonight, and she made me so sad. As we were leaving, she said that she wanted to go home with us. I feel so bad that she can't stay here tonight, but we have to leave in the morning before the daycare opens, so we didn't have a choice. I feel terrible that all of this has to affect her at all, but hopefully it will all be worthwhile.

I am feeling really nervous tonight. I'm not worried about the surgery itself, but I am really on edge thinking about what the doctor might tell us afterwards. I'm so afraid that he'll tell us that it's worse than he thought and he can't fix it. I didn't used to think this way, but after a few unlucky experiences, I find myself feeling much more vulnerable lately.

I guess we are all ready to go in the morning. I got my prescriptions filled earlier this week so I will have pain and nausea medicine ready at home in case I need it. I will post an update once I am feeling up to it.


NesrstaFamily said...

Good Luck Melanie! I hope everything goes well. We will be praying for always.

Angie said...

*hugs* Thinking of you! I hope everything went well.
Lots of love,

coach said...

I am happy to report that Melanie is home and doing great! (thurs - 11/8 @ 11am)... We just walked in the door and Melanie is already in bed. Dr.Dunn was able to remove all the scar tissue, both tubes were open to uterus, and the cavity has been re-constructed. Now it is a waiting game to see how it heals... But she sleeping like an angel and I thank God for everything (but mostly for my loving wife and daughter)

Angie said...

Jamie- thanks so much for the update. I have hardly been able to drag myself away from the computer today hoping to hear something. I am so thankful! This sounds like the very best news possible. Heal Uterus, heal!

Maggie said...

Jamie~ Thanks for the update!! :) Tell her EVERYONE at Pitter Patter is thinking about her, and we are all waiting with her for the healing to begin.... WE are praying for your family!!!~MAgs